Mr. Theng Savoeun


 Mr. Theng Savoeurn,

Coordinator of Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community

          Mr. Theng Savoeun, 24, was born in Chhouk Sor Village, Chheur Teal Commune, Svay Chrum District, Svay Rieng Province. He is the second son to Mr. Siang Saroeurn and Mrs. Touch Sat and has three brothers and one sister.

          Growing up in the remote area in Svay Chrum Mr. Savoeun completed his studies at Hun Sen Svay Chrum High School in 2008. He furthered his studies at Khmer New World, Phnom Penh, in 2009 completing an associate degree in law.  In order to support himself through his studies Mr. Savoeun sold toys at Kunthabopha Hospital, near Wat Phnom, and volunteered his time to various advocacy and community organizations such as: YCC, KYA, YFP, and Open Forum of Cambodia through working as volunteer youth network to Svay Rieng Province.

 In 2009, Mr. Savoeun worked as an Admin and Organizing Assistant Volunteer at Farmer Association for Peace and Development (FADP). Having work experience in advocacy and community organizing, Mr. Savoeun initiated the Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community (CCFC) in 2011. The Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community aims to protect the rights of people including land and housing rights, environment and natural resources from big companies, the government and powerful local authorities.

Theng was arrested by the Special Military Police Unit 911 on January 2, 2014 alongside other human rights defenders and workers at Yak Jin Garment Factory near Phnom Penh Economic Zone during his mission to monitor and coordinate workers’ strike demanding the minimum wage increase to $ 160 per month.


On 03 January 2014, was prosecuted in the Phom Penh Municipal Court and charged through the article 218 and 414 of the Criminal Code (intentional violence with aggravating circumstances and intentional damage with aggravating circumstances). He was sent CC3 and will be detained until his trial which could take up to 18 months to initiate. Mr. Savoeun faces a maximum time of 5 years imprisonment with fines up to $ 2,500. During the crackdown and his arrest Mr. Theng Savoeun was violated, tortured that caused serious injury to the head and back. .


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