Chan Puthisak




Mr. Chan Puthisak (40), is a land rights activist from Boeung Kak Community Phum I Village, Sras Chork Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh. He lives with his wife and a 9 year old daughter. In 2007 the government signed 99-year land lease of Boeng Kak for a development company, Shikoku Inc to develop a condominium complex. The project was initiated by filling Boeng Kak lake with the sand and installment of the pipeline. The project affected around 4000 families living around the lake as they were forcefully evicted from the area. Chan Puthisak then dedicated his life to organize the community against eviction and land grabbing. He and other Boeng Kak activists like Tep Vany and Yorm Bopha bravely aired their persistent demand to reclaim their land. Boeng Kak activists including Chan Puthisak are always active in expressing their solidarity support at workers and community protests in the country. Chan Puthisak also actively promotes human rights of those marginalized in Cambodia.

When the national general election was approaching in July 2013, Puthisal was summoned to attend a meeting with Phnom Penh Governor, Pa Socheat Vong, Hun Maneth and Prime Minister Hun Sen. The meeting was to subdue the struggle of Boeng Kak community. Chan Puthisak refused all the cooptation attempt to subdue the community struggle for their land. He earns respect from the community for that.

On January 2, Chan Puthisak joined the workers strike outside Yakjin Factory to express his solidarity support for the striking workers. Like Vorn Pao and Theng Savoeun, he was beaten and arrested when the Special Forces Airborne 911 was deployed to quash the strike.

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