Phnom Penh Municipals bans the Union Protest

In the morning of 23 January 2014, nine representatives of unions and associations had a meeting with Phnom Penh Municipal Hall in order to request a demonstration demanding the release of the 23 human right defenders and workers who were arrested earlier this month during the strike mainly demanding the $ 160 minimum wage for workers in all sectors.15091_184138505129073_150973325_n

President of Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation (CFSWF) and a representative of the nine unions, Mr. Sar Mora said the proposed demonstration which be held on January 26, 2014 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm is expected to have 10,000 participants gathering at Freedom Park. He added that the main objective of the demonstration is to demand the $ 160 minimum wage for workers in all sectors, and to demand the release of the 23 human right defenders and workers without any conditions.

Phnom Penh Municipal Administrator Director, Keurt Chhe, expressed that the previous demonstration of the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) had caused social chaos led to many people dead and injured unrest And freeze until dead And many injured . Therefore, the authority have notified of postponing any gathering to the public and some civil societies until the country’s social situation returns to its initial state.  He added that the requested exemption for 23 people, who are anarchists causing violence is not the authority of the Phnom Penh Municipals. For this problem, He proposed that the nine union and association representatives to legal actions.

However, the nine unions and association representatives claimed that they still continue doing the demonstration even it is not allowed.


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